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About Cubicle Curtains

Patients need a relaxing and stress free environment for a faster healing and recovery. They also need privacy and complete isolation when under medical procedures to preserve their dignity. Hospital curtains are great ways for hospitals and clinics to provide patients the privacy that they deserve. Curtains Expert provides healthcare facilities with the necessary medical curtains they need according to their specifications. Depending on your establishment’s choice of hospital curtains, the air around a patient’s room can also be improved, giving health benefits to the patients and hospital staff as well. Also known as privacy curtains, cubicle curtains are endowed with manufacturing upgrades which enhance their respective operational values. Curtains Expert makes sure that you get high quality curtain fabrics that are durable, flame retardant and stylish. Their functionality does not only include the entire cubical environment, but also as a complete host to other facilities and applications as well.

Curtains Expert specializes in the provision of cubicle curtain supplies and hardware in the healthcare industry. We offer cost effective items that satisfy current and future needs of patients and as well as healthcare professionals. Curtains Expert features a wide selection of medical curtains suitable for use in many nursing homes, physicians’ clinics, health centers, hospitals, and other health care facilities. Our aim is to deliver only the best cubicle curtains, commercial shower curtains, curtain tracks and other cubicle curtain accessories to our valued customers.

Curtains Expert offers a full selection of cost effective stylish conventional medical curtains to choose from. Don’t forget to check out our online catalogue for the availability and pricing of our hospital curtains, cubicle curtain tracks, carrier hooks and so much more. We are confident that we our cubicle curtain collection has something that fits the budget of every medical clinic, rehab center, hospital, nursing homes and even home healthcare facilities.

We currently offer three cubicle curtains collections namely our Spring Frost Cubicle Curtains, Easy Care Allegro Cubicle Curtains and our Easy Care Sundance Cubicle Curtains. Here at Curtains Expert, we understand the importance of providing patients a clean and comfortable environment to promote healing. So why grab one of our Spring Frost Curtain Collections?

  • Flame retardant
  • Available in 17 colors
  • Select from 3 different patterns
  • Stain and odor release properties
  • Complies with NFPA 701 codes
  • Documented performance

Our Easy Allegro Curtain Collection and Easy Care Sundance Curtain collections give your facility that fresh and clean look. Specially designed to match many colors, these curtains are made up of modern weave pattern designs with a 20-inch mesh on top. Here are some of the features of our Easy Allegro and Easy Care Sundance Curtain Collections:

Curtains Expert aims to bring only the best service design options for every type of healthcare or commercial facility. Call us now for more information and a free price quote!