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Hookless Shower Curtains Standard Shower Curtains
  •  No curtain hooks required, slides on track
  •  Hastle free shower curtain hanging
  •  100% Polyester teflon coated fabric
  •  Water repellent and mildew resistant

How long did it take Hookless® shower curtains to become a hit? About 15 seconds—the same amount of time it takes to completely hang a Hookless® shower curtain. And they don’t just take the hassle out of hanging shower curtains— they also allow you to say goodbye to torn curtains and missing or broken rings.

  •  Grommeted fabric runs on tracks via hooks
  •  Available in 5 different sizes
  •  Nylon or Vinyl material available
  •  Water repellent and mildew resistant

We offer 3 different standard shower curtain collections for our quick shipping program. This means you can get the shower curtains you need within two weeks, not eight weeks like most companies offer. All of our shower curtains are high quality curtains and available in attractive colors and standard sizes.

About Shower Curtains

Curtains Expert features a comprehensive range of quality commercial shower curtains that would meet the demands of your business. We feature high quality industrial curtains in the market at their most competitive pricing. Choose from a wide a variety of hospital shower curtains, industrial shower curtains and other commercial shower curtains only here at Curtains Expert. Whether you are searching for that elegant commercial curtain to match the bathroom décor or that perfect shower curtain to match your office’s industrial interior, expect to find the stuff you need as you browse over our stylish online catalogue.

Adding up nice shower curtains to your office or hospital bathrooms shouldn’t be a big burden on your budget. Most of the commercial and hospital shower curtains we supply are cost effective and offers that functional and creative addition to your any bathroom. So whether you want to get into the new trend of hookless shower curtains or stay decently traditional with the classic ones, Curtains Expert features discounted shower curtain products that are easy on the pocket so you won't have to stretch your company budget.

Choose a certain shower curtain that will serve as a perfect match to your hospital’s or establishment’s comfort rooms. Express yourself and have fun matching colors while decorating your baths with your own commercial shower curtain choice. Curtains Expert features a wide array of shower curtain colors and designs that will definitely complement your commercial or industrial bathroom collections. Select from tropical colors, solid hues and modern designs from several of our sleek bathroom shower collections.

Our vinyl or nylon shower curtain can be used alone or integrated with elegant fabric shower curtains to give your commercial bathroom that contemporary and elegant appeal. These shower curtains can serve as a functional and decorative tool for keeping water safely in the tub shower area while providing that aesthetic value for the bathroom. Very easy to maintain and clean, our commercial and hospital shower curtains are stylish and affordable! Check out some of our online catalogues as they feature many of our high quality vinyl and nylon shower curtains perfect for offices, industrial areas and even hospitals. Our hookless shower curtains are made up of 100% polyester Teflon-coated fabric and are proven to be mildew and water repellant. These hookless shower curtains easily slides on track and don’t require curtain hooks at all. Say hello to hassle-free shower curtain hanging by getting one of our hookless curtain showers!

You can never go wrong with some of our standard shower curtains as well. Now available in five various sizes, our grommet fabric curtains smoothly run on tracks with the help of little curtain hooks. Our standard shower curtains now come in vinyl and nylon materials. Also proven to be mildew and water resistant, these shower curtains are excellent additions to your commercial baths. makes sure that you only get the best hospital shower curtain deals that are affordable and mold resistant. Searching for unique and functional commercial shower curtains for that creative flair in your bathrooms? Check out and find what you need in no time!